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Philosophy, Vision and Guidelines of Conduct

We vow to contribute to the realization of a diverse and harmonious society where it is possible for everyone to live in health and with happiness by connecting people to people, and nation to nation through tennis and letting people know how wonderful tennis is.


We contribute towards realization of a rich sporting life for all.
We strive for the development of tennis through cooperation with people and organizations, both domestic and international.
We deliver dreams and excitement through development of as many world-class players as possible.
We manage our association in a sound and stable manner.
We aim to become a fair, indiscriminatory organization built on a foundation of gender equality, where everyone can take part actively.


【Guidelines of Conduct】

Fairness: Be always fair, just and sincere
GLOBALISM: Adopt a global perspective and actively communicate with our global counterparts
TEAMWORK: Move forward together with active communication, mutual respect and cooperation
CO-CREATION: Listen to stakeholders’ voices and build the future of tennis together
CHALLENGE: Continue to challenge, without fearing change, while also valuing history and tradition
GRATITUDE: Never forget to be thankful and continue to believe in, love and hand down the power of tennis



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